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Do We Hold Onto Life Because We Fear Death?


This discussion came up after watching a show where one of the characters had a heartfelt monologue about how fearing death is what makes life worth living. His point was that death gave life value. Fearing the loss of life made it worth something.

While I understood the point of the scene and do agree in some ways, I guess I look at this a bit differently.

I don’t fear death, yet I still find life incredibly valuable and embrace every single second of it fully and completely. I do this because I truly love life. I love the way the sun and breeze feels. I love the way it feels to laugh with my friends and family. I love the opportunities that are presented to me for personal growth and development. I am grateful for every moment and recognize it as the gift that it is.

In my view, my life has value because it is filled with love – not because I fear its end. If I have lived each moment fully, then in the end I will have many beautiful memories to take with me. What is there to fear in this?


Whether it is death that gives it meaning for you or love that drives you forward…live while the gift of life is yours.

2 thoughts on “Do We Hold Onto Life Because We Fear Death?

  1. In my opinion, it’s not the fear of death that makes us live life fully, but fully accepting the reality of death and that this is the only chance we get at making a life for ourselves. We must make the most of our one chance at life, because once you die, that’s it. So live life to the fullest! Soak it up.

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