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The following events are held at

A&A Spiritual Concepts

5141 E Ludlow Dr, Scottsdale, AZ

Amount: $20 unless otherwise noted

Throughout the month of December, Amber & Austin’s meditations focus on setting intentions for 2018.

❍ Full Moon Meditation To Release Cycles of 2017 & Embrace 2018 ❍

Monday, December 4th, 2017

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

The full moon is a beautiful time to release cycles that are not serving us. To step out of our routines, observe our flow with love, and consciously choose the patterns we desire to continue and those we desire to release.

Not every cycle is one that must/should shift. Taking time to consciously and lovingly choose our desired patterns allows us to understand that there is beauty in every cycle, even those that we are choosing to release as we enter the new year.

In our time together we will combine the wonderful modality of sound through crystal bowls and voice toning with guided meditation, essential oils and unconditional love energy, to assist you with your personal journey.

This meditation will include:

• an exercise for observing our 2017 patterns/cycles, understanding how these patterns/cycles have contributed to our current state and then setting our intention for our 2018 patterns/cycles based on this awareness

• from here we begin to settle into breath work blended with guided meditation to relax the mind & body

• then we journey through meditation into the heart, centering our intentions and connecting those intentions to release with the full moon energy

• connected to the beautiful energy of the full moon, we will begin to release, balance & clear throughout the physical & energy body

• as each individual releases & integrates, lavender and rose oil will be applied to seed these energies in on the deepest levels

• from this point, we will add crystal bowls and voice – deepening energetic activation for the body and soul

• once each participant is gently returned to the space, they will light a candle to signify the light of their new path into 2018 – this candle will burn throughout the night

♥Divine Love Sound Bath♥

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

6:30 PM to 8 PM

This week our meditation connects us with our physical and energetic form through divine love energy carried by sound waves. A full one-hour rich, beautiful sound bath focused on aligning energetic vibration to the divine love frequency.

Through love, all things are possible. Connecting our physical and energetic form to this pure, divine love energy allows us to embrace our own limitless nature.

What better way to wrap up the year and begin anew!

This meditation will include the following beautifully blended together:

• Reciting the mantra: Aham Prema, which means – I Am Divine Love

• Flow into a brief pranayama to deepen our release

• Navigate into a full sound bath incorporating:

– crystal bowls (for all 12 chakras)

– crystal pyramid

– drums

– rain stick

– gong

– tongue drum

– tuning forks

– Tibetan singing bowls

– vocal toning

• Throughout the meditation we will usher in universal love light energies

• We will then allow time for each individual to integrate in silence as essential oils are placed on the head (for those who choose) and energy balancing is given to each attendee.


Connecting to Christ Consciousness

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

6:30 PM to 8 PM

Join us for a beautiful meditation where we will merge with Christ Consciousness in pure form.

While Christ Consciousness energy may mean different things to each of us, at the core it is an energetic awareness that allows us to bridge the human mind with the Divine Mind/Love. When we allow this bridge, we allow the opportunity to create with love at all times.

In this meditation we will join together to:

• settle the mind through breath and physical relaxation

• through guided meditation, bring forward the energy of Christ Consciousness – creating an opportunity for all attendees to merge with this consciousness

• deepen the physical and energetic connection through a sound, focused on connecting and grounding in this pure love energy

• gradually return to the space as essential oils are placed upon each participant to fully seed in this energy

This meditation is highly focused on the connection of the Christ Consciousness energy. It may be a strong energetic experience for individuals who are sensitive to high frequencies. Please plan accordingly (eat before the meditation, bring water to drink after, bring grounding stones if needed)

The sound portion will include the following beautifully blended together:

• crystal bowls

• tongue drum

• mantra/chanting


In-Vision Your 2018 – Vision Board Party & Meditation

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

6:30 PM to 8 PM

This week our meditation has us physically creating a vision of what we desire in 2018 and placing ourselves in it!

Join us, with special co-host Perla Jara, as we hold a Vision Board Party & Meditation.

Our time together will include:

• Perla guiding us through Vision Board design/creation

• Once our Vision Boards are complete and drying, centering into a guided meditation, placing ourselves in each item we created on our board

• During the meditation we will practice gratitude as though we have received the item on our board

• We will then allow time for each individual to integrate in silence


• Poster board for your Vision Board

• Scissors (if you have access to them)

• Any old magazines or news papers/ads you might have available

• Any personal items you would like to decorate your board


• A limited number of scissors for general use

• A limited amount of magazines & news papers/ads

• A limited amount of decorative items (markers, glitter paint, etc.)

• All glue necessary

• A ton of ideas

Please notify me of upcoming classes & events via email