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Here is what a few of Amber’s clients have had to say about their time with her…

…our time together was life changing for me…truly. I just wanted to share from my heart with you, in such gratitude for the amazing gift you have brought into my life. Thank you for opening the channel and helping to guide these energies of love in a way that was healing, empowering, and offering great hope – not only hope, but a more solid clarity of who I am and why I am here. ~Jeanette


It was such a joy to see you and participate in my first meditation session. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life and I loved it. I was overcome with a sense of love, peace, and bliss. I didn’t want it to end. It was truly beautiful.  ~Diana

Life changing experience – In the several times that I have met with Amber, it has been an amazing experience. She is truly gifted and through her channeling, I was able to get many insights into my health and spiritual life. She is gentle, non-threatening, and a beautiful soul. Well worth your time and money! ~Carol

Excellent! A learning experience I will never forget! It was truly eye opening and I am looking forward to my next encounter and experiences that are waiting for me! It is well worth anyone’s time that is looking for answers to their questions about Romance, Health and whatever is on your mind. I Know I did get my questions answered and now I understand so much more then what I did before I came to the session. ~Linda

Today’s session was truly a blessing! It was much more profound for me than I could emotionally show…I will be processing these emotions for a while… ~Chris

To say yesterday’s session was amazing would be to diminish its awesomeness.  Thank you so much for helping me fulfill my life goals. ~Steve

WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY I AM TO HAVE MET YOU!!!! In total gratitude thank you for today. ~Colter

Beautiful Thank you for sharing your gift and helping make our world a beautiful place to experience! Love ~Danielle

Amber shines! ~Hasan

Thank you for the wonderful experience, Amber! The energy was amazing. Thank you for being such a beautiful light and allowing us all to share in healing and loving experience. I can’t wait for the next one. ~Angela R.

Excellent session Amber! Congratulations! I look forward to attending future sessions at your studio. You truly are a gifted lightworker! I carried that energy with me throughout the evening and I’m still feeling it now (the next day). Namaste! ~Jeanne

Thank you Amber for the wonderful energy session! You are truly amazing! THANK YOU!!!!!!=) ~Mattie

Thank you for such a meaningful and profound reading today.  It was an incredible experience. ~Ronee

Thank you so much for our session the other day. I felt very light and clearer on a lot of things we worked on…Thanks so much again!! ~Teresa

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