Relationship Tips

Loving Support – Relationship Tip #5

In every relationship there generally comes a point where the person we care about begins to act in a way that makes absolutely no sense to us. They find a hobby that we simply don’t relate to or they make choices that we can’t understand. It can be any number of things. The question is, how do we respond?

The answer may be one of our greatest opportunities to be an expression of unconditional love – we can choose to navigate beyond our feelings and support the person we love in their choice.

If we react or respond to their choices with anger, disgust or fear, all we show them is that we don’t respect their ability to make decisions.

Everyone desires to feel valued and respected, especially by those they love. So, no matter how greatly we may feel our response is justified, we must always ask ourselves: what matters more – our response in that moment or the overall impact our response will leave on the person we love?

If we feel the decision our loved one is making could be harmful, seek to understand why they are making the choice. Get to the root of the desire, then navigate forward from this awareness. Is it a desire for attention? Are they seeking something else completely?

Above all, it is how each of us choose to respond that will determine if this opportunity will bring our relationships closer together. Be aware in each moment as you navigate through it.


Life Coaching

To Do Something That’s Never Been Done Before…

Have you ever had visions of doing something that you haven’t seen done before? What keeps you from doing it? What stops that vision from transcending your dreams and entering into your reality?

For most of us, it’s fear. 

You see…in order to do something that’s never been done before, we must be willing to do something that’s never been done before.

This means that we must be willing to stand out, be different and allow ourselves to navigate through all doubts (even those given to us by those around us) to bring that vision into reality. Very few world shaping inventors/individuals had everyone around them saying, “Wow, that’s a fantastic idea!” And, if you read their stories, most doubted themselves and their ability to bring forward their visions during the creative process.

What allowed these amazing people to move forward?


Their dedication to their vision transcended their doubt. Their passion and love for their purpose allowed them to strive forward through each setback. And, their belief in their ability to do something that had never been done before brought each creation into reality. They listened to the comments of those around them, but took it as feedback toward their creations – not reasons to stop their momentum.

Do you feel called to positively contribute to the world by doing something that’s never been done before? Don’t give permission for fear to hold you back. Move beyond doubt. Allow yourself to be creative in your own, unique way and bring that unique spark to the world.