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Quiet The Mind – Expand The Heart

photo-1500945160564-0b4cd50585faWhy is it so challenging to quiet the mind when it comes to matters of the heart? Sometimes, no matter what tools we leverage, navigating the chatter in our head to connect with and hear our heart feels like a futile effort. What can we do when we are faced with this challenge?

Generally, it is our fear of loss that ignites when we are faced with potential change that involves the heart. This causes our mind to create plans for how to navigate the change and wonder what will come next. It is as though a piece of us is dying and, for most of us, we don’t desire to die in any sense.

What do we do to return to our heart?

What I have found to be most beneficial is to actively choose to look at the circumstance as expansion and not death. What do I mean?

Think of it like adding a room on to your house. When we make the decision that our home could use more space, we also know that we must be willing to navigate through the discomfort of the construction in order to enjoy the beautiful new space. We don’t look at the demolition of a portion of our home for the addition as death of the space. Instead, we see it for what it is – building onto something we love because there is more that might be done with the space.

This is how I view matters of my eternal home – my heart. It is an opportunity for me to expand the divine love within – adding room after room with each experience. When the chatter of my mind inevitably arises, I remind myself that any discomfort I am feeling is simply the building process – soon the construction will be complete and I will have a beautiful new space to add to my experience.

With love ~Amber

Life Coaching

To Do Something That’s Never Been Done Before…

Have you ever had visions of doing something that you haven’t seen done before? What keeps you from doing it? What stops that vision from transcending your dreams and entering into your reality?

For most of us, it’s fear. 

You see…in order to do something that’s never been done before, we must be willing to do something that’s never been done before.

This means that we must be willing to stand out, be different and allow ourselves to navigate through all doubts (even those given to us by those around us) to bring that vision into reality. Very few world shaping inventors/individuals had everyone around them saying, “Wow, that’s a fantastic idea!” And, if you read their stories, most doubted themselves and their ability to bring forward their visions during the creative process.

What allowed these amazing people to move forward?


Their dedication to their vision transcended their doubt. Their passion and love for their purpose allowed them to strive forward through each setback. And, their belief in their ability to do something that had never been done before brought each creation into reality. They listened to the comments of those around them, but took it as feedback toward their creations – not reasons to stop their momentum.

Do you feel called to positively contribute to the world by doing something that’s never been done before? Don’t give permission for fear to hold you back. Move beyond doubt. Allow yourself to be creative in your own, unique way and bring that unique spark to the world.