Life Coaching

Quiet The Mind – Expand The Heart

photo-1500945160564-0b4cd50585faWhy is it so challenging to quiet the mind when it comes to matters of the heart? Sometimes, no matter what tools we leverage, navigating the chatter in our head to connect with and hear our heart feels like a futile effort. What can we do when we are faced with this challenge?

Generally, it is our fear of loss that ignites when we are faced with potential change that involves the heart. This causes our mind to create plans for how to navigate the change and wonder what will come next. It is as though a piece of us is dying and, for most of us, we don’t desire to die in any sense.

What do we do to return to our heart?

What I have found to be most beneficial is to actively choose to look at the circumstance as expansion and not death. What do I mean?

Think of it like adding a room on to your house. When we make the decision that our home could use more space, we also know that we must be willing to navigate through the discomfort of the construction in order to enjoy the beautiful new space. We don’t look at the demolition of a portion of our home for the addition as death of the space. Instead, we see it for what it is – building onto something we love because there is more that might be done with the space.

This is how I view matters of my eternal home – my heart. It is an opportunity for me to expand the divine love within – adding room after room with each experience. When the chatter of my mind inevitably arises, I remind myself that any discomfort I am feeling is simply the building process – soon the construction will be complete and I will have a beautiful new space to add to my experience.

With love ~Amber

Relationship Tips

Relationship Tip #2 – Embrace Silence


How frequently do you take time to enjoy quiet moments of connection with the people you love the MOST…? 

I’m not talking about sitting beside each other on the sofa watching television OR staring at iPhones in the same room. 

I mean true connection without words. 

Looking at each other for more than 15 seconds. Holding hands. 

Hugging one another… in a way that shows you REALLY mean it.

When we become dependent on words to express ourselves within our relationships, we not only weaken our other forms of connection within that relationship, we also miss out on many amazing opportunities to journey deeper within ourselves. 

That’s why the second tip is… EMBRACE THE SILENCE.

Embrace the silence and begin to explore new ways to express how you feel for those you cherish.

There are an infinite number of ways to do this, from small gifts and gestures to a simple touch of their hand…stop limiting yourself to one form and explore your infinite nature!